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Event distances - challenge them individually or as a relay team!
  • Sprint – 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
  • Olympic – 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run
  • Long Course -70.3 – 1.9k swim, 90k bike, 21.1k run
  • Aquabike (Swim-Bike) – any of above distances
  • Bike-Run – any of above distance
While we are back to live racing this year, we had such a great turn out doing our Hecla from Home Virtual Triathlon in 2021, that we wanted to leave it as another option for people to continue to get involved and stay involved in the great sport of Triathlon!  With that, there will remain a Hecla from Home Virtual Triathlon event in 2023! 
The event will run over the course of a week, July 9-17, and that means you have ample time to finish the distances in race style, swim-bike-run, and all at once, or challenge it over the course of the week, building distance at your pace until you reach your registered distance. 
Price & Registration gift
See registration for pricing.
Every registrant will get a Mesh Swimming Bag, which will be coordinated for pick-up post race.
In addition to getting swag with registration, so long as you complete your Hecla from Home race distance you’ll be eligible to win the grand prize to be drawn July 20.  
There's only 3 Steps for you!
  • Register now
  • Log your miles during race week
  • Wait to see if you win!
What else might you want to know...FAQs
When is the deadline to submit results? 
  • All results must be submitted by July 19, 2023 at midnight, CST
When does registration close?
  • Registration for Hecla From Home will close on Friday, July 14, 2023 9am
How will I receive my registration gift?
  • A date, time and location will be arranged for you to pick up your registration gift following the close of race week.   
Can I do the swim, bike, run in any order I choose?
  • For seasoned triathletes, we encourage you to make this race like - do the swim, bike, run in order and finish a discipline in its entirety before moving onto the next
  • However, you can chose to spread a discipline over multiple days, for example complete your swim one day and the next two days you split the bike, etc.  That being said, we know swim times and work schedules can be tricky, so as long as you get all the distances completed within the seven days, regardless of order, it still counts and you will still be entered for the grand prize. The important thing is to challenge yourself!
  • For relay teams, since one individual is solely responsible for one discipline, teammates can be working toward completion of their discipline concurrently. Meaning, you don’t need to wait for your teammate to finish the swim before you or your next teammate start the bike.
Where can I do the swim, bike, and run? 
  • This is Hecla From Home, so do it where you choose - inside or outside, pool or lake
  • If you complete the triathlon legs outside, please follow all rules of the road
  • You may also ride on Zwift, Rouvy, or Peloton
How do I report my distance?
  • Regardless of your category - individual or relay team, log your activities either manually or by uploading a GPS file.  From here submit your distances to by July 19 midnight.  
Are times verified?
  • No. For the virtual event, times and distances reported are on the honor system. You do not  have to post a time in order to log your distance. You may enter that you completed 10 miles and not enter an associated time. 
Do I log miles or kilometers?
  • Kilometers, please.
How do relay teams work? 
  • Just like a relay in a regular triathlon.  Depending on the event, two or three athletes must sign up for a relay team.  Record your individual results and submit normally referencing your team name.  Teammates may work toward completion of their discipline concurrently.
Will participants be rewarded based on times?
  • No, because participants will be riding in different locations, elevations, conditions, and courses. We will not award any prizes based on time—but that doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself.
Will there be any prizes?
  • Yes! EVERYONE who completes their Hecla From Home race distance will be qualified to win the grand prize to be drawn July 20.
My name was selected as a prize winner, how do I get that prize?
  • Prize drawings will be announced through your email we have on file and we will coordinate pick-up.  
  • If trying a triathlon has been on your mind this is a great way to start, take it a comfortable pace and build over the week, plus you can do it anywhere
  • If you have always wanted to move up to a Long Course, but would love the flexibility to split it up if you need, this is perfect for you
  • There are so many reasons to sign-up!
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