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Short & Long Duathlon

Short Duathlon - 2.2 km Run, 20 km Bike, just over 5km Run
Long Duathlon - 4.4 km, Run, 45 km Bike, just over 10km Run

Course Maps - Short 

Run Course - Leg 1 of 2
North Loop and back to transition = 2.2km

Run Course Part 2.png
Duathlon Map.png

Run instructions:

  • Leave transition run through Marina parking lot

  • Head north on highway to end of island

  • Run around the turn around and back on highway heading south

  • Run back into the marina and and past transition and finish arch onto the trail heading back to the Lakeview Resort

  • Stay on the trail and don't take any forks until you get to the turn around​ - all forks will be coned and flagged off

  • Return from resort turnaround toward finish line for one loop

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