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The Hecla Triathlon and Interlake Kids of Steel Triathlon will be sanctioned by Triathlon Manitoba.  All rules will be reviewed at the pre-race meeting the morning of the event, and of note, this is a non-drafting race.  

Race Numbers & Timing

  • One bike sticker will be provided in your race kit, to be placed on the left side, top tube of your bike; officials will check for this as you enter transition, so have it prepared ahead of time 

  • A runner's number will be provided in your race kit and must be worn in the BACK for the bike and flipped to the FRONT of the body for the run

  • All events will be chip timed with an ankle bracelet.  The chip will be provided at Registration on race day and must be worn on the left ankle and best tucked under your wetsuit for the swim.

  • The timing system will allow you to obtain your splits and instantly see your results online when your race is complete - also great for those following you from afar!  

Dropping Out

If you drop out of the race, it is imperative that you notify a race official and return your timing chip. 

Rules and Timing Cut-Offs
  • Each swimmer must wear an official cap as provided in race kit 

  • Wet suits will be permitted according to regulations

  • Life guards are on staff for the events

  • For open water, the course will be patrolled by water safety personnel in boats and/or on kayaks or paddle boards

  • Swimmers may hang on to a buoy or water support equipment to rest without disqualification, so long as they are not pushed or propelled in any way

  • Relay swimmers tag off to team cyclists in the designated relay team area near transition

  • Cut off time: Long Course 100 minutes after the start of your wave, Olympic 70 minutes, and Sprint 30 minutes


  • Each competitor is responsible for having his/ her bike in proper working condition and are responsible for their own safety at all times

  • Cyclists are expected to heed directions and instructions of race officials

  • There are no aid stations on the bike course

  • No drafting is allowed  

  • Relay cyclists must return to the designated relay team area to tag off with the runner

  • Cut off time: Long Course 4 hours after swim time 


  • No headphones, cell phones, or devices of any kind that play music

  • Respect the land and do your best to drop your litter in a trash can at the aid station or nearby for easy clean up

  • Cut off time:  Long Course 8 hours after start time


  • Emergency conditions may occur during race. Please pay attention to your surroundings for indication of the need to clear the course or take other instructed action.

For full Rules and Safety Tips visit Triathlon Manitoba  

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